The Horizon

– have you been to the place where the sky and the ocean meet?

In my childhood years, I have listened to many adventurous stories that my old folks told. There is one story that made my young mind wonder about the place where they called “the place where clouds can be touch by the hand”.

The story begins when one day a young ambitious fisherman went to fishing with his boat and his net. While he was waiting for a catch, he caught a sight of the marvelous cloud touching the waves in the distance. This scene thrilled him, that he forget about catching fish anymore. His curiosity occupied him, to think about how  lucky he is to see a cloud touching the waters. He began imagining himself how fortunate he could be if  he could reach  and touch that cloud. So he decided to go where the cloud is, he rowed and rowed to the place where the clouds can be touch by the hand.

The story ends there. No one knew if he successfully or failed to reach it. But there is something that makes me value its lesson. No matter how impossible his dream is, he is willing to leave what he is doing just to reach that dream.

Jesus is offering as the greatest dream/achievement in life which is the everlasting life. Are we willing to laid aside the life what we have now to live a life with JESUS?…



– the power of  being one brings the presence of unity.

This song entitled THE POWER OF ONE will make us remember the power of being united with JESUS CHRIST.

THE POWER OF ONE by Cesar De La Pena


The time has come to gather as ONE

From different lands, WE all join the band

Winning the tune, CHRIST is Coming soon!

Leading the crowd beyond the clouds


WE break through the walls of differences

Moving together, singing forever

Echoing the POWER of ONE


One in HIS blood, One in HIS cross

One in Christ Jesus, One in HIS call

One in His grace, One in His purpose

One in His mission, One in His love

2nd stanza:

Now is the time, our hearts all aligned

Creating to bridge those out of reach

Now unified, our GOD glorified

Hopes getting clear, His coming so near


Founded in faith, bonded with LOVE

We celebrate the power from above


– people come, people go! time flies swiftly that this moment of bond has been hide from everyone’s memory. Those smiles and lively faces of youth that were group and trained together for a goal of “Serving others for Christ”, NOW are only alive in the memory of those who take time to look back and kept the tie of camaraderie.

The true essence of camaraderie, “treating everybody as brothers and sisters for Christ”. Produce a spirit of good friendship and loyalty among each members of the one great family and between their great Father, with confidence to overcome every trials that life brings to test the bond they build together. SIN may separate them but their hearts will bring them closer together, for having the same spirit and a heart from above  that they became ONE in Christ. 

City Lights

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

– I’m a probinsyana girl.

And these lights remind me of the memory I have when I was a little girl, every time my family and I had a night journey visiting the city. Cities are dressed with different colorful lights at night. Inviting every night travelers to come and be entertained by their seductive mask, the“citylights”, the temporary happiness and liveliness create an illusion to the eyes and covers the picture of reality.

When I was a child I thought that living in cities are like city lights, always giving a colorful and lively life. Enchanting every person’s heart. But when I’ve grown-up and saw the  city’s face,the crimes,pollutions, chaos and uncertainty at people’s eyes. Those woke me up from a nightmare of illusion.

I realize that my childhood dream of living in the city is the nightmare of reality. And being a probinsyana is the one who teach me to understand the hardships in facing life.

And now I learned that being a probinsyana is something to be proud of. Because it is an identity that makes me see the true face of life and makes me choose to live with the true Light of this world . I begin to reflect my life to the original light who gives eternal joy and everlasting life- Jesus Christ.