The Horizon

– have you been to the place where the sky and the ocean meet?

In my childhood years, I have listened to many adventurous stories that my old folks told. There is one story that made my young mind wonder about the place where they called “the place where clouds can be touch by the hand”.

The story begins when one day a young ambitious fisherman went to fishing with his boat and his net. While he was waiting for a catch, he caught a sight of the marvelous cloud touching the waves in the distance. This scene thrilled him, that he forget about catching fish anymore. His curiosity occupied him, to think about how  lucky he is to see a cloud touching the waters. He began imagining himself how fortunate he could be if  he could reach  and touch that cloud. So he decided to go where the cloud is, he rowed and rowed to the place where the clouds can be touch by the hand.

The story ends there. No one knew if he successfully or failed to reach it. But there is something that makes me value its lesson. No matter how impossible his dream is, he is willing to leave what he is doing just to reach that dream.

Jesus is offering as the greatest dream/achievement in life which is the everlasting life. Are we willing to laid aside the life what we have now to live a life with JESUS?…


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